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05/05/03-- Today is Webcomic Awareness Day, as Scot announced so nicely for me. So please, give your favorite webcomic artists and writers a round of applause. A lot of work goes into producing a webcomic, and the vast majority of us do it in our free time! For little or no money! So drop a line to someone whose work you appreciate and let them know they're doing a kick ass job. Most webcomic creators don't get told that enough.

04/16/03-- Yay movie-ness! Except...hrm. Sam and Schelli don't seem pleased, do they? I mean, Sam never even touched her popcorn. The lesson: Don't go see Anger Management, as it's horribly bad. Then again, so is Phone Booth, though it's slightly better by a fraction of a fraction of a percent. And Russian Ark may be a technical achievement, Hello? *whispers* Psst...I think it died. Ah well. At least A Mighty Wind came out today, which is by Christopher Guest (who also did Waiting for Guffman and Best in Show)...Looking forward to that, which I think I'm seeing tomorrow night with Chris...

In other news, I'm not taking summer classes this year. Know what that means, boys and girls? More time to devote to comics! Including but not limited to: updating, updating on time, updating often, perhaps keeping up the shading, and maybe working on merchandise, if there is such a desire for that. If there IS a desire, please post about it in the forum! I'm open to suggestion here. You guys tell me what you'd like to see, and I'll see if I can make it happen. In the mean time, I'll end this novel of a newspost with a simple phrase: PURPLE MONKEY PANTS!! Thank you, and good night.

04/15/03-- Comic is late, I know. But I shaded it and made it pretty to make up for it! Isn't the first panel shiny? (By the way, the cameo in the fourth panel is my love, who indeed workd at the AMC in Mission Valley. If you notice, his nametag, it says the same thing it did in his cameo in his very own comic, 24fps...why? Because I drew both and I think it's funny.) Anywho, I'll do the comic for wednesday after I get home from class...Will they enjoy the movie? You'll have to check back to see.


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